Creating Inter-Project Dependencies using Microsoft Project Professional

Hello again!!!

Today I’ll continue the post Creating Deliverables using Microsoft Project Professional and Project site and show you, how create dependencies.

Inter-project dependencies provide a way for you to show that a project is dependent on the completion of another project’s deliverables.

Setting up inter-project dependencies is a two-part process:

1.First, you need to identify the project’s deliverables

2.After the deliverables are defined, you can set up dependencies on those deliverables in other projects

I’ve done this in the other post, you can check here Creating Deliverables using Microsoft Project Professional and Project site.

Define Inter-Projects Dependencies

In MS Project Pro, under the Task tab, click Manage Dependencies. 

The Dependencies pane will appear on the left side. Click Add new dependency.

In the Add Dependency pane, select the project you are dependent on from the drop-down list.

You will see only projects that you have created deliverables.

In this example I will create a new task in my plan, which will be my dependency to the other project.

I do this in order to have my plan automatically updated every time there is a change in the duration of the other project’s deliverable.

I choose to create a Summary Task at the end of my plan, which will hold my dependencies to other projects. This is not necessary, but I do this to easily have an overview of all my dependencies.

To create the dependency and link it to the newly created task:

1.Highlight both the deliverable AND the related task

2.Select the Link to selected task check box

3.Click Done

When a dependency is created and linked to a task, this sign will appear next to the task in your plan:  


It is always a good idea to regularly check the status of the deliverables you are dependent on.

To do so:

1.In MS Project Pro, under the Task tab, click Manage Dependencies

2.Click Get updates

and that’s it.

See you soon

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Diego Pereira

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