Resource cannot add local with same name as Enterprise

Hello again!!!

Yesterday, my colleague when trying to create a project, received the following error message:

  • Error rsResourceCannotAddLocalWithSameNameAsEnterprise (2058) column RES_UID.


This is a very simple error, to solve do this:

  1. Go to the Resource Center and check if you have a duplicate resources. If yes remove or change the names.
  2. If you have a Project Plan Template:
    1. Open your Microsoft Project Professional.
    2. Connect to the correct PWA.
    3. Open your Enterprise Template
    4. Select resource sheet.
    5. Remove the Local Resources and add the correct ones if you need.
    6. Save the template again.
    7. Try to create a new project and that’s all.




Very simple right?

Enjoy and see you !!!

#ProActive  #JoinUs

Diego Pereira

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