ProActive is the Microsoft Partner 2017

Hello everyone, today my post is not about Project Online, but how you should work and live your life, understanding a very simple thing: “like attracts like

Last week we received great news. ProActive won again and has broken records by running away with the main prize of the year for the fourth time. (You can check the news here Microsoft Denmark or ProActive.)


The only thing I could imagine about our success and how my life here in Denmark is going really well was the following text:

” Like attracts like, whatever you are, that’s what you draw to you.

You have got to understand, you are a MAGNET.

If you are negative, you are going to draw negativity.

If you are positive, you draw POSITIVE.

You’re a kind person, more people are kind to you.

So, you’re like a magnet. You gotta understand something about


If you SEE it in YOUR MIND, you can hold it in YOUR HAND. “

Be Positive and Honest and WorkHard, then the results will come easily.

This is what we do here, Driving transformation, adoption, and performance for ambitious organizations.

If you want to see what else we can do, join us in our SEMINAR on Friday, November 10th.

Using Technology to Drive Business Transformation

See you there.

#ProActive  #JoinUs #PMOtto

Diego Pereira

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