ReportingWssSyncListFailed (24018) – The field XXXX was missing from the SP list and was ignored

Hello everyone,

Have you seen this error “ReportingWssSyncListFailed (24018) – The field XXXX was missing from the SP list and was ignored.” on the Project Online queue?

If yes, probably someone has deleted fields from Project Site lists (Issues, Risks, Deliverables).

Project Online queue error.



The item CommitmentFinish is from the Deliverables list. So, let’s check this list.

The Default list should be like this one below.


Checking the Project Site with error, someone has deleted the Deliverables list and created a new one.



Then I did the same for Risks and Issues



As you can see, there are some missing fields on both lists.

How to avoid this?

It’s simple, never delete fields, you can hide them.

And how can I hide fields from my list?

Doing the steps below:

  • Go to the Project Site, open the Risks lists for example and go to the List settings.


  • Click on Advanced Settings under General Settings and select Yes for Allow management of content types and click OK.



  • You will see a Content Type area for Project Site Risk. Click on to Project Site Risk to open the options.


  • All fields will be displayed.


  • Now you can select the field that you don’t want to use and hide. For example, Category, click on “Category” and select the option, Hidden and click OK.


  • The last step: Hide the field from the view.
  • On the List Settings page, scroll down and go to the Views and click on the Default View.
  • Unselect Category.



It’s done, when you try to create a new risk you will not see the Category.

You never should delete a field, you can hide it.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!!!

#ProActive  #JoinUs #PMOtto

Diego Pereira







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