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What is

Hello again!!! In this simple video, Ricardo Vargas will explain how can help and advise your users on their daily tasks by using Machine Learning algorithms using a friendly chat-bot. Also, you can check here all Channels of communication for See you =) #ProActive  #JoinUs #PMOtto Diego Pereira

PMOtto = Project Online + Artificial Intelligence + Bots

Hello everyone, this week has started with some great and exciting news!!!! We just launched the PMOtto. PMOtto is a fusion of technology and project management. We combine the experience in Project Online of Allan Rocha and our PPM Team with Ricardo Vargas and his knowledge of process and methodology. An additional, ProActive A/S providing support,…

Configurar Atualização conexão Odata no Project Online

Quando utilizamos consultas Odata para criar relatórios em Excel no Project Online, devemos executar uma configuração no ambiente para que atualizar os dados do Excel na web. Quando, se abre um Excel na web e clica em atualizar dados e a seguinte mensagem é exibida.   Esta mensagem ocorre porque a configuração para confiar no…