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Project Permission Sync Settings – Changes

Hello everyone, Last week Microsoft has released an update for all Project Online instances and changed some options. Now there is only one option on Manage User Sync Settings under Security: Before: After update:   Connected SharePoint Sites, there is no more Site Settings Before:   After update: But now the best part, we do…

Publishing All Projects using Script

Hello!!! Sometimes we need to publish all projects from our customers. We have some options to do that, one of them is using script In my case, I’ve published using the Project Names, but you can do using other fields, just adjust the script. Remember, when you run this script, all items will go to…

Resource cannot add local with same name as Enterprise

Hello again!!! Yesterday, my colleague when trying to create a project, received the following error message: Error rsResourceCannotAddLocalWithSameNameAsEnterprise (2058) column RES_UID. This is a very simple error, to solve do this: Go to the Resource Center and check if you have a duplicate resources. If yes remove or change the names. If you have a…

Microsoft PnP Webcast

Hello everyone!!! I already post here, showing how to use the SharePoint Online Management Shell to clean up the recycle ben and create a new Project Online Instance using the same name. Yesterday, Microsoft release a PnP Webcast showing how you programmatically can create modern pages and how to update them. Presentation covers following topics:…

Error Sync the task list to the SharePoint site

Hello, Recently, my colleague asked me to help him to open a SharePoint Task list with Microsoft Project Professional. Every time he tried to open the list, he got this error: Sorry, we couldn’t sync the tasks list to the SharePoint site. Please make sure: the SharePoint site is running and is not in read-only…

Primary Key Constraint – Project Online / Project Server

Hello guys, Today when I publish my Project Plan I received an error related to the SharePoint site. Error: ” ReportingWssTransferLinksFailed (24019) –  Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK_MSP_WssListItemAssociation’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘pjrep.MSP_WssListItemAssociation’… ” To fix this error follow this steps: Go to the Server Settings -> Connected SharePoint Sites and Select…

How to delete a PWA and empty the recycle bin via Powershell

Hi everyone!!! Today I will talk about SharePoint Online Management Shell and show you how to use SharePoint Online Management Shell to clean up the Recycle Bin. Let’s explain the scenario: You’ve created two Project Online environments (/PWA and /Projects) but now you decided to use only one. You need to remove 1 Project Online instance and there is…

Hiding fields in a SharePoint list

Hi guys, Today I will show another simple task, that is how to hide a field in a SharePoint list. So, let’s start it: Access the site and select the list that you want to hide some fields. For example Risk List. Open the Risk List and go to the List Settings. Now click on Advanced…

How to Share and edit the Project Timeline

Hello everyone. In this video, me and Allan Rocha will talk about how to share you Project Timeline using Word, Outlook or PowerPoint. If you are using the Project Online Desktop Client Subscription and you apply the latest update, you will see the new features. You can insert in the Timeline, new Milestones, Tasks, change the…

Office 365 Time Reporter Mobile App

Hello Guys, Allan Rocha just created a new video about the Time Reporter.

With this app you will be able to:

  • Save TimeSheet
  • Send it for approval
  • Manage your Timesheets
  • See your Current, Overdue, New, Incomplete and Completed Tasks
  • and more in your Project Online.

This App is super cool and to use it you just need to download at Apple Store.

For more information click here: ProActive and PPM4ALL

I hope you enjoy it…

See you

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