Understanding how PMOtto Machine Learning Works with Ricardo Vargas

Hello everybody!!!

In this video, Ricardo Vargas is explaining how PMOtto.ai Machine Learning works, check it out and see what PMOtto can do for you.


Enjoy it !!!

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Diego Pereira

Seminar: Using Technology to drive Business Transformation

Join us on a journey into the future of project work and be inspired to how to transform your Project and Portfolio Management with the newest technologies like Chat-Bots, Machine Learning, and Office Add-ins.

10 November 08:30 – 14:00 at Microsoft, Kanalvej 7, 2800 Lyngby 

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Are you ready for the future? The future of project work? Do you want to know how new technology will transform the way of working with and managing projects in the near future?

Then you should definitely join us for this highly inspiring seminar where we have the special honor of having Ricardo Viana Vargas (Brazilian engineer and author of several books about project management that has been translated into multiple languages and released all over the world) as keynote speaker.

We also have the honor of presenting to you some very exciting case stories from real life as Stig Kronvold from MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, Jordi Vizcaino from ISS Facility Services and Keith Bollington from ROCKWOOL Group will be joining us to tell about their experiences on their business transformation processes.



09:10 – 09:40
Ricardo Viana Vargas, PMOtto.ai

Our keynote speaker Ricardo will take us on a quick journey into the near future to show us what will be the main trends that will drive the project work in the years to come. Ricardo will also discuss the use of technology and the major cultural shift in the way people work do underline how the projects will be managed in the future.


09:40 – 10:10

Ricardo Viana Vargas, PMOtto.ai and Allan Rocha, ProActive

Imagine a world where the users will ask questions in natural language to a personal project management assistant using their favorite chat or instant messaging tool. Each user will have their own personal AI project management assistant that will read, listen, understand and translate those questions into actions on your PPM tool, which is your organization’s place to store and organize data and processes.

Imagine also that your personal AI project management assistant will learn and become smarter day by day based on your way of work. He will also learn from other users in your organization and know all the best practices in the market which allows him to recommend and suggest the best options for your tasks. That is how the future will be.

We will be exploring and demonstrating a little bit of how a personal project management assistant can change the way you work.

10:10 – 10:20 COFFEE BREAK

10:20 – 11:00
Stig Kronvold, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

In this session, Stig Kronvold will be talking about the journey to Project Online at MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. What are the biggest challenges and the must have a checklist that every company should follow when starting to use technology to drive business transformation.

11:00 – 11:30
Peter Kjær and Diego Pereira, ProActive

Learn how to get started with Project Online and how your organization can use technology to drive business transformation. Learn how to ensure adoption and engage with your users by selecting the right set of accelerators for your organization. Sit back and enjoy this guided tour through an optimized ready-to-use Project Online environment.

11:30 – 12:00
Stig Kronvold, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

In this session, Stig Kronvold will be talking about the challenges while supporting an organization with complex environments with specific needs. How to ensure the best usage of the available tools and the technology to drive business transformation across different departments. Learn how to draw the line between business requirements and technical limitations.

12:00 – 12:30 LUNCH

12:30 – 13:00
Peter Kjær and Tiago Paes, ProActive

Take a closer look at ProRM, an Excel Add-in for Resource Management supported by Project Online. See how technology is driving business transformation by combining two different products. Get all the flexibility with well-known tools, like Microsoft Excel, interacting with the structure and organizational ready tools, like Project Online. Manage your resources demand and allocations using the “real” Microsoft Excel by dragging and dropping resources or projects, copy and pasting between cells and all your favorite features in Microsoft Excel.

13:00 – 13:30
Keith Bollington, Rockwool Group

In this session, Keith Bollington will present how to manage your organization to gradually embrace technology to drive business transformation. Learn how to control expectations among your users and provide a perfect fit setup respecting a solid roadmap.

13:30 – 14:00
Jordi Vizcaino, ISS Facility Services and Allan Rocha, ProActive

In this session, Allan Rocha and Jordi Vizcaino will demonstrate how you can transform your organization by using Microsoft’s cloud services, like Project Online. Understand where to start and all the necessary steps towards a cloud-ready organization. Watch a testimony of successful migration from on-premises to the cloud for an extremely complex scenario.

Take a quick look at the speakers:

Ricardo Viana VargasPMOtto.ai 
Keynote speaker

Ricardo Viana Vargas is a specialist in project management and strategy implementation. Over the past 20 years, he has been responsible for more than 80 major transformation projects in several countries, covering an investment portfolio of over 20 billion USD.

He is currently the Executive Director of the Brightline Initiative™, a coalition of leading global organizations from business, government and not for profit sectors, dedicated to providing a knowledge and networking platform that delivers insights and solutions to successfully bridge the gap between strategy development and strategy implementation.

From 2012 to 2016, Ricardo Global Director of the Infrastructure and Project Management Group with the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

Vargas has written fifteen books on the subject of project management and also host one of the most relevant podcasts in the field – the 5 Minutes PM Podcast with more than 4 million views.

Stig KronvoldMHI Vestas Offshore Wind
Customer speaker

Stig MHI-BW2.jpg

Stig Kronvold is a philosopher by training and Project Manager by trade.

The first decade of his career he spent on philosophy research and lecturing.

The last decade and a half Stig has spent combining his curiosity for human interaction and complex systems working with management of projects, programs and portfolios


Keith BollingtonRockwool Group
Customer speaker

Keith - Rockwool

Leading the Business Relationship, Service Level and PMO organisations with Rockwool’s global IT operating company

Head of IT for Rockwool UK, leading an IT department responsible for business-wide ERP (SAP), CRM, User PCs and infrastructure.

The ROCKWOOL Group is a focused industrial company with leading positions in insulation, acoustic ceilings and horticultural growing media based on proprietary stone wool technology. We harness the properties that nature has given us to create products for quality living. Our products touch most aspects of everyday life. We offer carefully designed, innovative sustainable solutions for your comfort, safety and for the benefit of the environment.


Jordi VizcainoISS Facility Services
Customer testimony


Department Manager, Central Services at ISS Facility Services Iberia.

ISS Facility Services is an international company incorporated in 1901 in Denmark. It currently has a workforce of more than 500,000 workers in 77 countries.

ISS Iberia, a leader in the integration of general services, offers services of cleaning, maintenance, auxiliary services, security, restoration, gardening and Facility Management through its more than 35,000 workers. In Spain and Portugal, ISS has its own offices throughout the country and serves about 6,000 customers.


Allan RochaProActive A/S and PMOtto.ai
Organizer and speaker

Allan 03

Allan Rocha is a specialist in portfolio management and business analytics. Over the past 15 years, he has been responsible for implementing and driving transformation projects in several countries, covering both the business and the technical sides.

He is currently the Manager of the Project Team at ProActive A/S, a strategic Microsoft partner in Denmark and the Nordics, with a vast consulting experience. Combining a deep understanding of Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and a strong technical background, he is leading and driving a high performance with a common goal: drive transformation, adoption and performance to our customers.

For the last 8 years he has been nominated by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professional, MVP on his field: Business Solutions.

Author of 3 books and international speaker who is always trying to innovate and improve our way of work.


Peter KjærProActive A/S

Peter Kjær-HQ.jpg
Peter is an experienced consultant and project leader who combines technical skills across Microsoft technologies with technical and business-oriented expertise in PPM. He has plenty of experience with implementation of resource management module in Project Online, the Resource Exposure. Peter is able to identify possible gaps in the tool, in consultation with the client and his/her expectations and requirements for the process.



Tiago PaesProActive A/S


Over 10 years of experience delivering SharePoint and PPM solutions of all sizes.

ProActive is an IT consulting company that provides innovative solutions and professional advice in communication, process efficiency, knowledge sharing and collaboration. We help our customers by advising them and delivering business-critical IT solutions that change and streamline their business.
ProActive solutions are developed and implemented on Microsoft’s latest software platforms. Therefore, ProActive is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner within the specific areas of competence that are relevant to the customer’ solutions and services.


Diego PereiraProActive A/S

For more than nine years working with customizations geared towards the Microsoft platform, with experience and knowledge in EPM Solution (Enterprise Project Management) in versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 and SharePoint 2010 and 2013 and Project Online.

Great experience in creations of customized reports using Reporting Service, Excel Services and Power Pivot.




To learn more about POMOtto.ai, click here: https://www.pmotto.ai/



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PMOtto – Channels of communication

Hello guys, check some channels that we can use PMOtto.

We can use on PC or Mobile devices and is very simple to use. Just send a message asking what you want to do and Otto will do for you.


Using Project Online with Web Chat

You also can use Otto when you are connected to Project Online.
You can ask Otto to explain, define or show examples about Project Management Process, Methodology, or the Process that your company is using to run their projects and much more.



You can use “Help” to see what Otto can do for you.



Using Skype


Using Microsoft Teams


We also can use Telegram, Bing, Cortana, Messenger, Kik, GroupMe, Twilio, Slack

Visit Otto’s website and request a demo.

See you soon !!!

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Diego Pereira

PMOtto = Project Online + Artificial Intelligence + Bots

Hello everyone, this week has started with some great and exciting news!!!!

We just launched the PMOtto.

PMOtto is a fusion of technology and project management.

We combine the experience in Project Online of Allan Rocha and our PPM Team with Ricardo Vargas and his knowledge of process and methodology.

An additional, ProActive A/S providing support, assistance and excellent services.

ProActive A/S have more than 15 years experience of providing innovative solutions and professional advice in communication, process efficiency, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

PMOtto is your best personal project management assistance.

With Otto, your company will simplify and improve how employees use and learn their favorite.

For example, they can make use of their favorite channel of communication like Skype, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and much more.


So, for the next few weeks, I will show and explain more about PMOtto.

See you soon !!!

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Diego Pereira

Creating a Dynamic Row Level Security for an OLAP Cube Multidimensional – Project Server 2013

Hello folks, this month I’m working building a Multidimensional OLAP Cube and my customer asks me to implement the Row Level Security, then instead create a lot of roles for each profile is better to create just one Dynamic role.

Let’s assume you already create all tables and views and has created the correct connections between those tables, and you have the diagram.

OK, now we have the tables and connections and what else?

  1. I need resource tables with ID, Account, and Name.
  2. A table that tells me which resource has access to which project. You will use only the resource ID and Project ID

For example, just to illustrate the table #2.

Resource Name

Project Name

Resource 1 Project A
Resource 1 Project B
Resource 1 Project C
Resource 2 Project A
Resource 2 Project E
Resource 3 Project F

So, add those tables to the diagram.


Create a new Measure using the table with permissions, and create a dimension using the table resources. Dimensions are blue and Measures are Yellow.

The Idea here is, you get the resource account when the user connects to the report, then you check the permission and show the data based on their permission.

Now, let’s create the Dynamic role.

Open the Solution Explorer and right click on Roles and New Role. You can rename the role.


Open the role, and click on:

  • Data Sources – select the option Read under Access


  • Cubes – select the name of the cube and also set the access to Read.
  • Dimensions – Set the access to Read for all dimensions that the users are able to see

And now the most important, here is where the magic occurs.

If you check my diagram, the table Users is connected to Project Permissions and the Project Permissions is connected to Project. So, my MDX should be inside the Project table.

  • Click on Dimension Data – Select the Dimension Project and click ok


Now on the Attribute Hierarchy select Project Name for example and click Advanced


Now click on the first option Edit MDX and insert the following code:


[Project].[Project Name].[Project Name].MEMBERS,

(   [Measures].[Project ID],

StrToMember(“[Users].[Resource NT Account].&[” + username() + “]”)




To do tests using the Visual Studio you can change the user account line to the line using the NT Account for a specific user

([Users].[Resource NT Account].&[ad\diegopereira])

And that’s all, of course, you have to adjust the MDX for your cube and select the correct items that you want to filter.

To test, open the Cube in Visual Studio go to Browser and set the Security Context to Current User.



If you are an administrator you will see all projects.


Now, let’s change the Security Control to a specific Project Manager when you do that the Dynamic Role will filter only the Projects that the Project Manager can see.

PS.: I changed the MDX line and inserted a specific AD Account



And the Cube is ready, now you can connect Excel and the Excel will show the information based on the user account that is using the excel and show only what that user has permission to see. You can also create a report using Reporting Services and do the same.

Enjoy it!!!

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Diego Pereira

How to switch from Classic to New Experience


Today I will show a super simple trick, how to switch from classic view to new experience view.

If you are using the new experience for your library or list and you had clicked to return to classic SharePoint and now you want to return to the new experience, check this out.



After you click, the classic layout will appear

To return to the New Experience.

  1. Click on List and select List Settings on the ribbon
  2. Click on advanced settings
  3. Scroll down and change the option on List experience from “Default experience set by my administrator” to “New Experience” and click OK.
  4. Close all browsers connected to the SharePoint or PWA and log in again.
  5. The New Experience will appear again  =)


Super simple !!!

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Diego Pereira



Error Starting Workflow – Project Online – SOLVED

Hello guys,

This week has started with some problems with the Workflows on Project Online.

When you try to create a new project the queue process is canceled and if you check the queue you will see the Job State with the status = “Failed But Not Blocking Correlation“.

If you check the details you will see

In 2013 I had a similar error in Project Server 2013 and was a problem with the Workflow Manager and to solve I had to run a PowerShell to registered correctly the Workflow Manager. (Register-SPWorkflowService).

But now using Project Online we do not have access to the logs and we need to wait for Microsoft fix it.

So you are trying to create a new project and you have received this error, wait until the end of the day. I hope Microsoft will fix it as soon as possible.

I will update the post when I receive any news.

Today 07/07/2017 is working perfectly. If you had the same issue probably your workflow is now working, just try again =)

See you !!!

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Diego Pereira




Setting the default Site Language – Project Online

Hello again,

Recently I posted about Deleting Project and the Project site from Project Center.

Now there is a new feature available (thanks, Microsoft), you can choose the Default Site Language, that means, you can create your Project Online environment in English and set the Default Site Language to be provisioned in Portuguese (Brazil) for example.

To do that access your Project Online environment, go to Server Settings under Workflow and Project Details Pages, click on Enterprise Project Types and find the option Site Language.

There are many languages available.

After you create the new Project Site, access the Project Site, go to Site Settings and under Site Administration click on Language Settings and remove the alternate language and save.

And done, now the Project Site will appear in Portuguese and you can save as a Template.


Enjoy it!!!

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Diego Pereira

Project Online requirements are changing

Hi all,

Project Online requirements are changing on 30th June 2017 and you need to be aware and check the updates available.

Beginning on June 30, 2016, Project Online will require the latest version of Project to connect to Office 365. If you are using Project 2013 you will not be able to connect to Project Online after the deadline.

Brian Smith has published last week informing those changes, access his blog here: Project Online: Two weeks to go upgrade your Project client!

See you!!!

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Diego Pereira


Deleting Project and the Project Site from Project Center

Hi again,

Microsoft continues improving Project Online and that is fantastic.

Do you know there is another way to delete your project directly from the Project Center?

Yes, and is super easy, of course, if your user has the correct permission for that.

So, let’s try it.
Connect to your Project Online and go to the Project Center.

Select the project, click on Open Menu -> More Options -> Delete and check the box if you want to delete the Project Site also.

Super easy right?

See you soon !!!

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Diego Pereira


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